I ought to explain that, though this verse was written by me, it's actually from the viewpoint of a much-loved daughter. The incident in question must have happened some time in the late 'fifties or 'sixties; I imagine we were on holiday at Westward Ho! but I no longer recall in what year.

Dorothy asked her whom she meant to marry when she grew up, and she replied without hesitation, "Why, Daddy, of course !" And I'd even forgotten writing this verse until I turned it up in the collection of sonnets I wrote for Dorothy.


When I get bigger
And bigger and bigger
I'll marry my Daddy, I will,
And I'll show my best dolly
And my lovely new golly
To the Turkey who lives on the hill.

And we'll all sail away
For a year and a day
And Mummy will bake us a pie;
Then I'll have an old story
About Jackanory
And I'll drop off to sleep by and by.

And all day in the sun
We'll have masses of fun,
Making castles and pies in the sand;
Then Mummy will say,
"That's all for today !"
And we'll all wander home hand in hand.