This is the verse that always has Katie in tears - perhaps because, as she reminded us one day, her youngest boy David has brown eyes, too . . .


My daughter looks at me with eyes that shine;
With eyes like mine.
My father, too,
Had eyes of this beer-bottle hue.
And I know I should feel delight
That the continuing sense of sight
Should pass from him to me
And to my daughter, and that she
Might hand it on down many a generation.
The thought, I say, should bring me resignation
That, when I'm gone, this self-same light will shine
Through other eyes than mine.

But, standing here, one thought possesses me
As the pavement blushes to see
The almond tree
Strip her pink robes and flaunt herself so free;
How many thousand thousand Springs there'll be
And I not here to see.

W. G. S.
January 1971