We were invited by our son Jon and his wife Lynn to join them in a pre-Christmas junket at the inn made famous by the TV series "All Creatures Great and Small".

This offering is one of the results. The other is the more serious verse "Askrigg: Christmas 1990".

We booked in to stay at The Drovers;
(It's actually called The King's Arms);
We thought we might meet that young Herriot
Who slays all the girls with his charms.

But we never saw him or his partner
With that weird operatic first name;
No Tristan, no Siegfried, no Helen.
I think it's a right bloody shame !

We went out, in case they were filming,
And all of us got soaking wet,
But the nearest we got to "All Creatures"
Was a mongrel in need of a vet.

So had it not been for the company
And all that superb country grub
And that beautiful dark-eyed young waitress
We'd never go back to that pub !

(But, of course, as it is, we will...)