I'm in a 10der mood 2day
& feel poetic 2;
4 fun I'll just - off a line
& send it off 2 U.

I'm sorry U've been 6 so long;
Don't B disconsol8,
But bear your ills with 40tude
And they won't seem so gr8 !

Which, being translated is:

I'm in a tender mood today
And feel poetic too;
For fun I'll just dash off a line
And send it off to you.

I'm sorry you've been sick so long;
Don't be disconsolate,
But bear your ills with fortitude
And they won't seem so great !

Yet more 'mathematical verse' . . .


4 10der words 2 U I write,
4 only U 2 hear;
4 words, the X of my love;
2 wit, I love U, dear.

And 2 these 4, 4 more I add
And st8 them 4mally,
4 they, the + of my in10t
Are "Will U marry me ?"

My IQ's insignificant;
Others are far above;
A gr8ter offering still I have;
The + of all my love.

I know my words may count 4 0;
U'll say it cannot B;
But if you should consent, then oh,
The - 2 me !

(Any1 4 10is ?)

X = Product
+ = Sum
- = Difference