(I once found in my post a questionnaire from a research student at the University of Birmingham, seeking answers to questions I'd be almost too embarrassed to ask myself. Fortunately, people over a certain age were exempt from completing the form, so I was able to return it unblemished - apart from this accompanying ditty).

Dear Miss Anne Kolaszynka-Carr
(Student and MSc ?)
I write to thank you for the form
You lately sent to me.

I'd love to help you, but I fear
I am, alas, exempt,
Being a fading fifty-plus
And bearded and ill-kempt.

So I return your form, and here
This correspondence ends;
Since (a) I have no time, and (b)
I don't collect such friends.

But one advantage now I find
And here it shall be told.
Since my grey hairs have ruled me out,
Thank God for growing old !

W. G. S
March 1970