This is the only photograph of Bill Stanton as a child. He is seen here on the right with his mother Sarah Stanton nee Hanwell and his younger borther, Den. There is no way of knowing precisely when the photograph was taken. It's likely to be in 1929 when Bill was twelve and Den was nine.

Although Moss is a fictional character the life and circumstances of Moss clearly echo Bill's childhood. Bill was writing about what he knew. Like Moss there will have only been one or two photographs of Bill as a child. His father worked as a blacksmith in one of Sheffield's steel mills. Although a skilled worker his means would have been such that trips to a photographer's studio would been a very rare event.

This contrasts sharply with the many photographs we have recording Dorothy Stanton's childhood. She came from a comfortable middleclass background and there was often somebody with a camera to record an event. Today the only records we have of Bill's childhood comprises of this one photograph and the incidents related in his stories.

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