Bill Stanton died in December 1999.

This site was established as a record of his work and to place previously unpublished work in the public domain. Unless clearly stated otherwise all the work on this site is Bill's copyright, which passed on his death to his wife, Dorothy.

It is the nature of the Internet that material is copied when it is downloaded to a browser. The copyright holder understands this, and there is no objection about material being downloaded for the purpose of private enjoyment. This is why the material was posted on the Internet in the first instance.

In placing this material on the Internet we ask that readers respect his copyright. The copyright holder wishes to encourage academic enterprise, and has no objection to Bill's work being quoted in part or in whole in any assignment, essay or dissertation, just so long as the appropriate acknowledgement is made.

Bill's work is not to be reproduced for commercial reasons unless terms for such publication have been formally agreed with the copyright holder.


Since Bill's death a number of people who knew Bill either through his work or his lecturing have used this site to contact the family. We are always delighted to receive such emails.

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